Rowena Togni

Creative Designer

Rowena Togni

Design Portfolio

Promotional postcards

Postcard designs for New College Nottingham to promote the Fashion Department

1960's poster, logo and flyer design for degree project 'The Decades'

Designs created for degree project 'The Decades'

Mugs, notebooks and stickers created using design work from my degree project.

Gift card designs inspired by Paris

Logo, layout and design created for Experian UK's monthly newsletter

Various poster designs to advertise and promote events for Experian UK

Logo, certificate, nomination form and e-mail banner designed for the Background Checking Team at Experian UK

Logo and certificate designed for the 'Endeavour' recognition scheme at Experian UK

Christmas Menu design for Experian UK

This portfolio contains artwork I have created as a Freelance Designer and self-initiated projects.

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